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Episode 8. Values

Episode 8. Values

Values are the habits that create your company culture. John and Courtney discuss why values for a company are important, how they arrived at the 6 values of Cents of Style and what each of them means.

Vision Statement
Vision = Purpose + Values + Mission

Values are the HOW things get done. It’s the set of shared core principles that create the essence of the company.

Some tools/books discussed in this weeks episode:

dapulse– Project Management

slack -Free communication tool

zoom– video conferences you will like

Sally Hogshead-How to Fascinate

Episode 5. Vision

Episode 5. Vision

How do you scale a business and keep the original goals? How do you keep your family and marriage on the path you want? How do you live the life you have always imagined? One simple word- Vision.

Vision = Purpose + values + mission

Show Notes:
He Said/She Said:
He Said- Hydroflask
She Said- Plantronic Headphones
Jim Collins- Beyond Entrepreneurship
Simon Sinek- Start with Why

Current Reality Drawing

Current reality
This is what our team created when describing our pre-vision current reality

Desired Reality Drawing

This is what the team desired our days looked like. It was the basis for our values